My List Of Wonderfully Fluffy Captain Swan Moments

Oh, we love our Captain Swan, and the oh-so-many fluffity moments this last season has given us – but really, it all began in Season 2, when the fluff was carefully rationed out between the sass, the smirks and the smolder.

Dear God, the smolder.

Is it warm in here?

Anyway, as we linger here waiting for Season 5, I’m sincerely missing my fluffy couple, and decided to put together a list of some of my favorite Captain Swan fluff.

“It’s about bloody time….” (and we were all thinking it, too!)


Even battered, he still flirts with her…and they still make a connection.


When he gave her Neal’s cutlass.


When is a coconut more than a coconut? (Check out the look in his eyes…)


“There’s not a day will go by I won’t think of you…”


“If it can be broken, that means it still works…”


Emma’s first royal ball….sigh…(which really was, technically, their first date)


“It’s okay, Swan. Not everyone gets the chance to see their parents fall in love.”


And who did she grab first after being rescued? It wasn’t Daddy…


Which, of course, led to more cuddles…


And oooooh, the interlocking fingers!


The cheek kiss before he takes Henry sailing. 



Of course, Killian remembered flowers when the “official” date rolled around:


And let us not forget Emma making goo goo eyes at adorable deckhand Killian:


This is how a pirate tentatively declares his intentions:


And this is how a pirate formally declares his intentions:

                          heart1 heart2

This is how a pirate tells you he loves you: 

                     ship   itsyou

And this is how a pirate looks when he realizes he’s finally won your heart…only to lose you again.


This list was supposed to make me feel better, but I’m a sobbing wreck at the moment. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll just be over here, curled up in the fetal position, trying to think on the happier times:

                            memories moments moments2


3 thoughts on “My List Of Wonderfully Fluffy Captain Swan Moments

  1. I think I’m in love with your blog…thank you for all your wonderful posts….PS..yep I’m sobbing mess right now..


  2. Yes, I agree with SweetAsPie. I’ve been going backwards through your blog posts, and that’s the second time you’ve shown Emma pouncing Killian. I haven’t commented on every post I’ve read over the past week or so, but suffice to say that I am enjoying it all very much!!


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