Once Upon A Time – Season 5, Episode 18 Recap: True Love In Ten Minutes

We start this episode with everyone gathered around an unconscious Red, and Ginny Goodwin’s pregnancy is glaringly obvious. Somebody should have handed her a pillow to cuddle or something. And from there, we flash back to Oz with a delightfully … Continue reading

Once Upon A Time – Season 5, Episode 8 Recap: It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Ri-ight

We begin tonight with David going to confront Arthur, who takes off running with Killian in hot pursuit. He manages to get the drop on Killian, but Emma steps in to save her boyfriend, throwing Arthur into a tree. Emma’s … Continue reading

Fair Is Fair – It’s Time For The Amazing And Beautiful Women Of OUAT!

Okay, okay….so I like my mancandy. But I’ve gotten some emails and messages from the male (some from the female) viewing audience asking me to spotlight the amazing women of Once Upon A Time. The only problem is….how do I pick just one picture for each girl?

Holy cow, are these women beautiful. And you add in the costumes (I think I’m going to do my next post just on the costumes) and they become other-worldly creatures, beyond comprehension.

So in the interest of fair play…I give you the remarkable women of Once Upon A Time and a collection of pics that I feel capture their outstanding beauty.

Ingrid the Snow Queen

That gown! That condescending smile! That cleavage!

snow queen

And speaking of cleavage….anybody remember


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Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 13 Recap: Serious Levels Of Snark And Psycho

Tonight we open with our wicked, wicked villain, who seems to have a taste for the finer things in life. She paws through Regina’s leftover jewels and then sends a flying monkey off to let “The Evil Queen” know she’s all up in her house.

Meanwhile the group is trudging along, presumably to Sherwood Forest, and lo and behold – it’s Red!!


Oh, we’ve missed you, Red! Regina, meanwhile has remembered the tunnel under the castle walls that only she knows about. She can get inside, lower the protection spell, and then David and Snow can send in their army.

Just as Regina lays out the plan, a screeching comes from overhead and they’re attacked by monkeys again. One heads straight for little Roland, and Regina steps in front of the boy to protect him, then turns the monster into a stuffed animal for Roland to enjoy. This earns her the thanks and more importantly, the interest of a certain outlaw.

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