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You can find my fanfiction on Fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own (AO3). I write exclusively for Once Upon A Time (under the name karmacanary), and my stories are primarily Captain Swan ships (though you will find other ships appearing, particularly Outlaw Queen), featuring all the Storybrooke characters in varying degrees. All my fanfics contain detailed sexual content and are for mature readers only. Some of my best-reviewed (and completed) fics are:

The Dreamscape Series:

  • These Dreams – Set after the S3 Finale. When Emma gets trapped in the dream world, Killian willingly goes under a sleeping curse to find her. As they navigate the dreamscape together, falling in and out of each other’s (and everyone else’s) dreams, will they be doomed to finding and losing each other in all sorts of lifetimes? Or will they be able to get clues to their friends in Storybrooke to help them back to reality?
  • Twice Upon A Dream – Set after the S4 Finale, but with the history of “These Dreams” preceding it. An evil curse sends seven of Storybrooke’s best into the dreamscape and it’ll take all their combined wits to make it out. Occasional steam and dark themes.

The Memory Keeper Trilogy:

      • The Memory Keeper – Part 1 of the Memory Keeper Series. Set after Hook’s failed encounter at Emma’s apartment in Season 3. Hook now has to find a way to get Emma to remember, and it’ll take all his charm and cunning to do so. As they travel through the Enchanted Forest, can they find a way to defeat a witch, save Regina and handle the surprises fate throws their way? And can they make it to True Love’s Kiss? (Author’s note: This piece was originally written during the mid-season hiatus of season 3. For that reason, the entire Zelena arc is absent, and you get my take on the wicked witch instead.)
      • The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Part two of “The Memory Keeper” series. Killian and Emma’s daughter Meriel is visited by a curse on her twenty first birthday that wipes out all chance of her ever being born. With the help of her magic – and a mysterious protector – she must travel back in time and right the wrong that kept her parents from ever meeting and falling in love. Can she get Killian and Emma to true love’s kiss? (For additional backstory on Meriel, you need to read “Captain’s Choice” – particularly the wedding scene. I hesitate to use a full-on trigger warning because there’s nothing explicitly triggering in the story, but there are mentions of dark events that occurred in the past that could be uncomfortable for some people.)
      • Finn’s Tale – Part Three of “The Memory Keeper” series. Finn Jones is every inch his father Killian’s son, except for his mother’s flashing green eyes. He’s a dashing rapscallion with a thirst for adventure and restless nature that’s driven him to a far away kingdom, chasing a story that might point him to his destiny, and to the girl who’s intertwined with it somehow. With Killian, Emma, Snow and David along for the ride, they tackle a cunning villain, a dual curse, and their own faults and issues on the way to their own slice of happily ever after. (Note: You’ll want to read chapters 6,7 and 10 of “Captain’s Choice” to get the prelude to Finn’s story…)
      • Captain’s Choice – a series of short stories that all go along with The Memory Keeper Series. You’ll read more about Killian’s quest to get to Emma in S3, Killian and Emma’s life together, their wedding (and Killian’s bachelor party – “Hangover” style!) and the early days with their children. Lots of fluff and even some steam. You’ll also see some backstory for Meriel and Finn’s stories.
      • Loose Threads – Set in the universe of “The Memory Keeper.” When a banshee targets Emma’s family, it means someone is facing a certain death. Can she and Killian find out who marked them before it’s too late? Set eleven years after “The Memory Keeper.”

Single Fics:

      • Mr. Jones – Set after the S6 mid-winter hiatus, Killian Jones has been hit by a wicked spell leveled by someone who’s determined to keep him from upsetting some carefully crafted plans. He’s not the man he used to be. . . or is he?
      • Friendly Shores –  Something has turned The Enchanted Forest upside down. No one is who they appear to be, and loyalties are rebuilt and tested as everyone tries to navigate their new path. When the machinations of an evil man threaten them all, can Emma and Killian overcome their differences to defeat him? And will their kindred souls lead them back to each other?
      • Adrift – Blackbeard arrives in Storybrooke wielding a wicked curse that sends Hook back to his formerly villainous ways, taking Emma along for the ride. Can she still find the Hook she’s come to care about under that dark exterior? Can he reclaim his inner hero and win Emma’s heart, despite the havoc his actions have wrought? WARNING: This is much darker than my usual fare and contains themes and scenes that may be triggering.
      •  Pandora’s Pain – Pandora arrives in Storybrooke, looking for her magical box and sending every person in town back to a troubling time in their life. Can they all fight through the misery? And can Emma and Killian find each other, and save the people of Storybrooke?
      • It Is What It Isn’t – Set after Emma’s return to Storybrooke from Neverland (mid-season 3). Hook has decided to back off, but Emma has other plans. Their progress gets derailed by a wickedly intricate curse that’s sure to drive a wedge between them.

Fics in Progress:

  • You Had Me At Malfeasance – A collection of Captain Swan one-offs. Some fluff, some steam, some funny, some a little bit of all of that.

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