30 Times The Writers Of Once Upon A Time Kicked Me In The Feels

Okay, I started this list at 21- five for each season and one for season five (so far). I trimmed out some things that made me cry but landed on the happier end of the scale, I brushed aside some moments that felt like a fist in the gut and would surely make a top 40 list, but I just couldn’t get it down that low. I ended up with this. Every one of these moments brought the leakage to my eyes. Your mileage may vary, of course.  So, in chronological order (to date), here they are:

1.Snow gives up baby Emma

1Who can forget her grief as she handed that baby over? Heartwrenching.

2. Jiminy realizes he’s killed Gepetto’s parents and will be stuck with his own parents forever

2After all he’d been through with his parents, and he’s such a gentle soul.

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Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 11 Recap: Where We Learn That Hearts Can Be Ripped Out Through TV Screens


This episode begins with a conversation at the magical Storybrooke wishing well, where Felix is congratulating Pan for sticking it to Regina. Pan is assembling the ingredients to cast the curse, and happily, one of those ingredients is Felix’s heart, since he’s the closest thing Pan can get to love. He rips the bugger’s heart out and tosses it along with the other ingredients into the well, starting the chain reaction that will bring on the curse.

Our heroes on the other side of town are wondering how they’re going to stop a second curse, and Rumple may have a way. The curse was built to be unstoppable, but the person who originally cast it – and that’s Regina, of course – can use it to reverse the damage. Of course, that’ll come with a price, and it’ll be a steep one.

But first, he recommends that they use a spell to switch Pan and Henry back to their respective bodies, but he needs a powerful tool to do that: the black fairy’s wand.

Tink helpfully provides back story that will no doubt be called upon in a later story arc: the black fairy was well-learned in dark magic and very powerful. Blue exiled her but before she did, she took the black fairy’s wand. It’s possible Blue has it hidden in the church or convent somewhere.

David, Henry, Tink and Neal head off to the church and everyone else goes to Gold’s shop to prepare Henry for the body switch.


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Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: Oh, Is It Time For Another Curse Already?


We begin this episode with Belle leading Ariel to Eric (and their smoochy Disney-bird reunion), just as the Jolly Roger breaks through the sky, streaking to a perfect landing (of course) in Storybrooke harbor.

The cheering crowds welcome our heroes home, and the Lost Boys are shuffled off to God knows where because we never see their sorry, scraggly asses again.

Belle tearfully hugs Rumple as Neal brings Rumple his gold-handled walking stick. Rumple tells his son it’ll be a reminder of the man he is no more.

Wendy finds her brothers, who are also thrilled to see Neal before they all head back to London, also never to be seen again.

In the middle of all these happy reunions, Snow directs everyone’s attention to Regina, giving her the praise she deserves as someone who really came through for them.

310BOh yes, she did…bitches.

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Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: And So The Little Prince Melted The Heart Of The Evil Queen…


This evening we begin with deliciously evil Enchanted Forest Regina, rolling along in her royal carriage as Grumpy tolls the town bell screaming “The curse! It’s here!”

Rumplestiltskin is in his cell and Regina arrives to gloat. Rumple asks her how it felt to rip out the heart of the thing she loves the most, and Regina doesn’t dwell upon it. “It was the price of the curse,” she says, “how it felt doesn’t matter.”

Rumple seems to think that it matters very much. Something’s now missing inside Regina. A price that steep leaves a hole in your heart, and someday, Regina will come to him to fill it. She wonders if he’s taunting her in an effort to get out of the last deal he made and escape the curse, but Rumple makes it clear: he’s exactly where he wants to be.

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Once Upon A Time – Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: The Sins Of The Father


We begin back in the Enchanted Forest this evening, with a young boy who’s watching a con man rooking passers-by with a card game. Unfortunately, he’s caught by a savvy customer, who begins to put a hurt on him. The boy runs forward, screaming that this is father, and the customer takes all the money and leaves. The man reassures the child that he’ll figure something out to replace the money, then he calls the boy by name: Rumple.

Forward to Neverland now, and Pan takes Henry to Wendy, who’s looking markedly worse. “If you save magic, you’ll save us all,” he pleads with Henry as Wendy the fakey faker coughs over-dramatically in the background. “We don’t have much time,” he warns.

Back to the Enchanted Forest again, and Rumple’s father is knocking at the door of the local spinsters – and they are truly “spinsters” as the word originates, spinning wool into thread for a living. He asks them to care for Rumple while he goes in search of employment. Young Rumple is clearly afraid and doesn’t want to be parted from his father, but Dad reaffirms that once he gets a real job, they’ll be together. He presses the now-recognizable straw doll into Rumple’s hand, telling him that he now has a friend to watch over him and protect him. He urges Rumple to give the doll a name. “Names always make things better,” he says. “They make them real.”


And then without a backward glance, he leaves.

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