30 Times The Writers Of Once Upon A Time Kicked Me In The Feels

Okay, I started this list at 21- five for each season and one for season five (so far). I trimmed out some things that made me cry but landed on the happier end of the scale, I brushed aside some moments that felt like a fist in the gut and would surely make a top 40 list, but I just couldn’t get it down that low. I ended up with this. Every one of these moments brought the leakage to my eyes. Your mileage may vary, of course.  So, in chronological order (to date), here they are:

1.Snow gives up baby Emma

1Who can forget her grief as she handed that baby over? Heartwrenching.

2. Jiminy realizes he’s killed Gepetto’s parents and will be stuck with his own parents forever

2After all he’d been through with his parents, and he’s such a gentle soul.

To have them put this dastardly deed in his lap was just…crushing. Continue reading

Mancandy Monday!! Once Upon A Time Knows How To Bring The Testosterone!

Oh, Once Upon A Time, my favorite ever-flowing font of testosterone goodness. God, I miss you. Please come back to me.

In the meantime, here’s some of my favorite pieces of man-candy for you to chew on…

Sheriff Graham and his goofy grin

Or how about when he swoops in to make a cameo?

Here’s another season 1 casualty (and prime piece of meat – literally): Peter

I could devour that. Yeah, I went there. Continue reading

Once Upon A Time – Season 2, Episode 17 Recap: Dark Hearts And Scruffy Guys


Tonight we begin with two fresh new faces: Kurt Flynn and his son, Owen. They’re on a camping trip in the woods and he’s teaching Owen how to make a gimp keychain when suddenly the trees start thrashing and an enormous storm blows in (complete with magical blue fog). They ride it out in their tent, and when they emerge, it’s to find that Storybrook has suddenly appeared. Obviously, we’re flashing back twenty-eight years.

Kurt’s truck was damaged in the storm, so they stroll into Storybrooke. Once there, Kurt tries to make sense of how a town can suddenly appear out of nowhere on a map, when up pulls a sheriff’s car, we focus in on a pair of familiar work boots with leather laces, and blammo! Sheriff Graham cameo!!! YEAH BABY.


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