Mancandy Monday!! Once Upon A Time Knows How To Bring The Testosterone!

Oh, Once Upon A Time, my favorite ever-flowing font of testosterone goodness. God, I miss you. Please come back to me.

In the meantime, here’s some of my favorite pieces of man-candy for you to chew on…

Sheriff Graham and his goofy grin

Or how about when he swoops in to make a cameo?

Here’s another season 1 casualty (and prime piece of meat – literally): Peter

I could devour that. Yeah, I went there.

And let us not forget Jefferson, another fine season 1 memory…


And while we’re on the subject of Jefferson…how lucky is Jen Morrison? She was nailing Sebastian Stan in Season 1, paired up with Jamie Dornan on screen, and then spends the next couple of seasons macking on Colin O’Donoghue. Talk about a dream job!

I’m going to throw some Mr. Gold into this list. Bobby Carlyle just brings that wonderful oily sexuality to the role. So dark. So menacing. So smarmy. Love it.



While we’re here, we should probably throw some love towards August, while we’re at it – he may have been made of wood, and then underage, but hey, he’s back now and still delightfully obtuse.


I’m going to add Philip to this list…I just love that damn accent and the smoldering eyes.


He may not have been around for long, but you have to admit our dear Knave was just awwwwdorable.


And while he’s not my personal cup of tea, Dr. Whale certainly has his charms…


Honorable mention goes to Eric, Hans and Thomas – what the hell, they’re all good looking. We just didn’t get to know them well.

              eric    hans    thomas

Now we move on to…Neal! Come on, the guy’s got a grin that’s freaking adorable!



And speaking of adorable…how about our own David Nolan?

Remember that time in the mines? Lawd. Is it warm in here?


And let’s not forget Dark Charming…isn’t it just amazing what a little guyliner can do?


Of course, we have to mention a certain outlaw…


Look at that jawline….uunnnnfff


And the way he looks at Regina….sigh


Remember that time Robin took a shower? Good times, good times…

Finally….come on, you had to know I’d end with Hook. But how the hell do I pick just a few pics or gifs that make me go “Unnnnffff”? Here are three that make me squirm in my chair every time I see them. DAMN.



And this entire scene…

Okay, that was more like four. I lied. Sue me. I’m sure I don’t hear any of you complaining.

And another bonus, ’cause I just saw this one today:


I hope you enjoyed your mancandy with a side of steam. Now go sponge your face off. You’re a mess.


4 thoughts on “Mancandy Monday!! Once Upon A Time Knows How To Bring The Testosterone!

  1. What is it that Americans like about the British accent? British humour, yes. Our humour is brilliantly dry, with lots of irony and juxtaposition. But why the accents? Why? What’s so great about them?


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