30 Times The Writers Of Once Upon A Time Kicked Me In The Feels

Okay, I started this list at 21- five for each season and one for season five (so far). I trimmed out some things that made me cry but landed on the happier end of the scale, I brushed aside some moments that felt like a fist in the gut and would surely make a top 40 list, but I just couldn’t get it down that low. I ended up with this. Every one of these moments brought the leakage to my eyes. Your mileage may vary, of course.  So, in chronological order (to date), here they are:

1.Snow gives up baby Emma

1Who can forget her grief as she handed that baby over? Heartwrenching.

2. Jiminy realizes he’s killed Gepetto’s parents and will be stuck with his own parents forever

2After all he’d been through with his parents, and he’s such a gentle soul.

To have them put this dastardly deed in his lap was just…crushing.

3. Graham dies.

Oh, it hurts all over again. A lot.

4. “All you have is an empty heart and a chipped cup.”

99b49-1-12eAnd with that, Belle – and his only remaining chance at love – walked out of his life.

4. Dreamy turns to Grumpy after Nova breaks his heart

12046-dr3Never thought I’d get soppy over a loopy fairy and an even loopier dwarf, but I did.

5. The betrayal of Mary Margaret

6David visits her in jail and commits the ultimate betrayal by not believing her.

Her quiet and firm, “Get. Out.” was like a knife to the chest.

6. Rumple loses Bae

79f08-114a“I broke only one deal in my life…”

7. Henry’s death

9c182-122bThat sad, slow solo violin. The looks on Emma and Regina’s faces. Ah, God. So horribly sad.

8. Regina with Henry’s pillow

This is the face of a woman who’s lost the one thing

that meant everything. And we’re not talking about power.

9. Snow and David see Emma after the curse breaks

snowemmaThis is a happy one, of course, but I was bawling like a baby.

10.“That’s what parents do. They put their children first.”

4And with that, we bid goodbye to one of my favorite supporting characters.

 11. Regina gets snubbed after returning from the Enchanted Forest

c399b-29gShe helped save them all and they take her son and walk away.

12. Rumple trashing the bathroom stall

5That poignant moment when Rumple loses it, knowing that he’s finally

going to come face-to-face with the person he loves – and hurt – the most.

13. “Is this my son?”

So beautifully played – and Henry’s heartbreak when he realizes he’s been denied a living father all these years….ahhhgh.

14. “I know your heart better than anyone.”


I know, another happy-ish one. But this was such a beautiful moment of angst and hope.

15. Mulan walks away


mulan2She walks away, without ever having said the words.

16. The death of Liam Jones

7And yet another person who’s lost everything…

17. The confessions in Echo Cave

8From Mary Margaret confessing to missing out on her daughter’s childhood,

to David confessing that he’s doomed to stay in Neverland, to Hook

and his soulful confession about letting go of his love for Milah, and finally,

 Emma confessing that she loved Neal – but doesn’t want him back…oh, the feels.

18. Young Rumple is abandoned by his father

Like we weren’t already sympathetic to him enough for his lot in life, right?

19. Emma says her goodbyes

And for good measure, we’ll add in the moment in the hospital when she changes her mind, and asks to see Henry.


20. “I love you, Papa.”

315BHow many times can one man die?

21. Hook watches Emma from afar

He’d give anything to be part of her world….POW. Right in the feels.

22. Snow casts the curse

9“I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you.”
“And I’ll love you till my last.”

23. Rumple and Belle’s wedding vows10

“Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket

and the best teacup is chipped.”

24. Rumple’s face when they name the baby “Neal.”


Poignant and beautiful moment.

25. Regina and Robin say goodbye

Emotionally eviscerated. Regina and me. And you. Ugh.

26. “Belle, please…I’m afraid.”


As much as I wanted to cheer for Belle, my heart was breaking for the both of them.

27. Maleficent and her baby rattle

13All this time we thought she was a heartless witch…

28. Rumple returns Belle’s heart

And then wishes her well with Will. Wow. Just…wow.

29. Emma finally says “I love you.”


I wasn’t sure whether to scream “Yes!” at the screen or “You bastards!”

30. “I loved you.”

It’s okay, Killian. I wasn’t using that heart, anyway.

I know, I know…I could have gone on and on but I had to stop somewhere. What about you? What moments hit you in the feels the hardest?


3 thoughts on “30 Times The Writers Of Once Upon A Time Kicked Me In The Feels

  1. Number 21 definitely. When I first saw that part and the look on Killians face, I just stared at the ceiling and tried to hold back the tears. And I quietly mumbled to myself, “I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU KILLIAN!!”


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