Happy Birthday Jared Gilmore! Here Are 10 Of My Favorite Henry Moments!

Jared Gilmore is fifteen today, and he takes a lot of guff on the show (how many times have we saved him now?). Honestly, though – you try going through puberty in front of millions of viewers every week, all while being dragged around by the current villain. Give the boy some props.

We’ve watched him grow from precocious to finding his own powers, and he’s done it with flair! So without any further ado…my picks for my favorite Henry bits from the show:

10. “Hi! Are you Emma Swan?”


From the very start, Henry’s street smarts and optimistic attitude won us over in that episode. How could Emma be anything but instantly in love with this adorable kid?

9. Don’t Eat That!


Every time I re-watch this episode, I laugh out loud at this part.

8. Henry talks Jefferson into reuniting with Grace.


I just love the way he tells Jefferson that every kid needs a parent – a real parent.

7. Henry meets Hook – again.


So perfectly played by both of them!

6. Henry meets his Dad.


That first halting, tentative conversation. He was so sadly sweet.

5. Episode 2, Season 1: A new day dawns in Storybrooke

And Henry’s face at this opening says it all.

4. Henry goes all “Home Alone” on a certain dirty pirate.

Comedy GOLD.

3. Henry wakes up from the sleeping curse.


Oh, that moment, with that sad violin and the tubes coming out of his oh-so-still body, and the kiss that preceded the gasp that made us all smile like buffoons. Score one for GOOD!

2. Henry says goodbye to Regina (mid-season 3).


And he reminds Regina, yet again, that she’s got a bigger title than “Queen” or “Villain.”

1. Henry saves the motherf**king world.

Yeah, bitches! He’s got the elder wand magic quill now! Oh wait, no he doesn’t. But maybe someday!

Jared, it’s been a pleasure to watch you grow up!

Happy Birthday and may you have a long and fulfilling career!


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