Once Upon A Time – Season 7, Episode 2 Recap: A Tale Of Two Pirates

How does one go about rewriting the story of a beloved character without undoing his hard-won happily ever after? That was the dilemma facing the writers after last season’s picturesque “Last Supper” at Granny’s. Everyone was happy, everyone was together, … Continue reading

FYI – Recaps Are Moving To Sat Morning


Just a quick heads-up: recaps will now post Sat morning (due to the new time slot). I’ll recap/review episode one and we’ll see from there whether or not the blog continues.

Sorry guys, I’ve got a lot on my plate with the YA books taking off and honestly, I’m not too hopeful about this season. I need Hook with Emma, not cursed and alone. I’m willing to give it a watch and hopefully they surprise me.

See ya Saturday.

Once Upon A Time – Season 6 Finale Recap: Happy Endings & A Beginning

I don’t believe I have ever, ever felt this kind of trepidation about a freaking TV show. If I were the type to care about my nails, I’d be pissed at how I’ve chewed them to ragged nubs, but damn. … Continue reading