Well, Everyone – Are We Ready For Whatever They’re Throwing At Us Tonight?


This is the only way to prepare.

It’s the season finale, and while I’m titillated at the thought of Emma forgetting everything and getting to meet Killian for the first time yet again (what are we up to now? 4?), I am facing this evening with no small amount of trepidation.

We all know now that we’re losing Emma, the Charmings, Zelena, Young Henry, Belle and even Steveston. This, of course, means a radically different Once Upon A Time.

My theory (and yes, I do have one):

  • The casting call they put out for a twenty-something disillusioned man and a precocious young girl, coupled with the way Regina begged Zelena to take Henry and Robin away from the battle make me think that Zelena is going to give her life to get the two of them elsewhere. My guess is the realm of the Black Fairy (perhaps to rescue the children there) and when Henry returns with Robin, they will have aged accordingly.
  • The only way you can give us a Killian who can comfortably live a life without Emma in it is to give us a Killian who’s never met Emma. Same for Rumple with Belle. And we’re not going to be in Storybrooke. Therefore, the end of the season will involve a time jump or an alternate universe like the wishverse that Robin and the Evil Queen took off to. We won’t go to that reality, because that would mean Colin O’Donoghue would have to gray his hair and pad his belly (which was hella funny for one episode but nobody wants Hook to look like that forever). Josh and Ginny are supposedly guesting here and there, so perhaps a more Regina/Rumple centered storyline in the Enchanted Forest is in order.
  • Henry was holding the book at the wedding – I thought at first it was a nice touch, almost like the book was an honored guest – but now I see that he’s going to need it wherever he’s going. Will he have to rewrite the storyline?
  • Jen Morrison has agreed to appear in one episode of Season 7 but has not specified which episode – perhaps the finale? Maybe Season 7 is a time jump rewrite of the Storyline culminating in Hook and Emma reuniting at the end.

It’s all speculation, of course. Who the hell knows what they’re throwing at us. Strap in folks . . . it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. See ya after the dust settles!


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