Hiatus Getting You Down? Head Over To My Fanfic Pages!


Oh, the endless dark and dreary days of the winter hiatus. It seems like such a terribly long slog to March, doesn’t it? Well, fear not, I have just the thing!

Check out my fanfics! I do concentrate mainly on Captain Swan for the romance. . .


But you’ll notice I used the word “mainly.” I do like to weave a good, cohesive story around them that usually includes all the major characters, and of course, with supportive scenes for Snowing and the Outlaw Queen ships as well. All in all, they’re rollicking fun adventures with a lot of humor, heart, and steam (skip those parts if they don’t appeal to you, it’s all good).

And if you’re already a reader of my fics, good news! I’m writing a new fic through hiatus!


So head on over and check out Mr. Jones. I’ll be updating every Sunday (god willing) through hiatus. Enjoy!

You can find a synopsis and links to all of all my fanfics here.


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