6 Things I Hope We’ll See On Season 6 Of Once Upon A Time

bellemom  1. The Continuing Story of Belle’s Mom

Remember, mom vanished during an ogre attack, and Belle has no memory of it. When she came around, Dad simply said, “You’re mother’s gone.” Belle went on that big adventure with Anna and lost that necklace that could help restore her memory. Here’s my theory:

The ogre attack wasn’t ogres. And mom is very much alive and of course, more than able to bestow true love’s kiss and wake her daughter. Guess we’ll have to see about that.

zh  2. Don’t Let Henry Warm Up to Auntie Zelena Right Away

I think it’s wonderful that we’re seeing forgiveness and relationship-building between Zelena and Regina, but I also think it would be a total sell-out to have Henry fall right into “Happy Family” mode with the woman who killed his father. And then tried to kill him!


I’m okay with him making an effort for Regina’s sake, but there should be some conflict in that. Don’t make it easy.

merl  3. Bring Back Merlin!

Not that the show has a shortage of man-candy, but he was seriously wasted as a character. And his death was…odd. Why did Emma disintegrate his body? And why didn’t we see him in the Underworld? You’d think he had quite a bit of ‘unfinished business’, wouldn’t you? Was he not there because he wasn’t…dead? We can only hope. On this show, dead isn’t always dead anyway, right?

cru  4. Let Cruella Escape From the Underworld, Bent on Revenge

Come on. It’s Cruella. They gotta do it! Imagine all the creative ways she’d have to go about it, since she can’t directly harm anyone. Give her a nice, three-headed hellhound as a pet, while you’re at it.


It’ll be delicious, darling!

archie  5. Give Archie a Girlfriend!

They’re bringing Archie back this season – and the poor guy deserves a happy ending. What about this…Snow and Charming decide to hire a Nanny so they can go gallivanting around on adventures, and Rumple is chagrined to see they’ve hired his old nemesis: Mary Poppins. He and Mary have a rocky history, and she still bears the scars of a deal that went bad. Who better than Archie to help her work that through?

prego2  6. A Captain Swan Pregnancy Scare

Hear me out on this: I said “scare.” And in order to have a pregnancy scare, Once Upon A Time has to actually let them…y’know…do the deed.


Please, let them do the deed.


Pretty Please?


Let the deed be done.


You don’t even have to get too detailed (it is a family show, after all, despite all the raping and murdering).

Then, let Emma suspect she’s pregnant. Let’s see her deal with what that might mean to her and let her deal with hiding it from Killian. Then let Killian figure it out and let us see how he’s dealing with that possibility. Then let all that worry be for nothing and show us the relief and maybe a hint of regret…

Even though I’d personally love to see baby Jones, the fact is that having a baby pretty much kills any further excitement for them on this show. Just look at Snow and Charming – if they’re off on an adventure, we all wonder who’s taking care of the baby (really, who didn’t wonder WTF they were thinking leaving baby Neal so they could trudge into hell?) and if they drag the baby along (like through a magical cyclone to Camelot), we all wonder why they’re putting their baby in danger. It’s a no-win scenario. So give us a pregnancy scare, give us all the feels, and move on.

 Okay…those are my top six! What about you??


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