10 Of The Most Bad-Ass Moments On Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Time has no shortage of heroes and heroic moments, but many of those play across your heartstrings without all the flash and applause. Still, there have been some epic moments that involved some really ballsy moves or heart-pounding action. It was hard to pick just ten, but these are my picks for the top bad-ass moments from the show.

10. Rumple beats the crap out of a tongue-less Sheriff of Nottingham

In Season 2, Episode 19, we see Rumple doing his milquetoast best to win over the hard-edged “Lacey”…until he loses his cool. Sooo deliciously evil and wrongly sexy.


9. Regina punches Emma – and she punches back

In Season 1, Episode 7, we finally see Regina and Emma’s animosity come to a head with one goading line: “Graham kissed me.

8. Regina and Zelena’s Witchfight

In the Season 3, Episode 16, Zelena attacks, planning to rip out Regina’s heart – and of course, completely underestimates her adversary.

7. Hook crosses swords with Blackbeard

In Season 3, Episode 17, it was time to buckle some serious swash with a good old-fashioned pirate swordfight. And oooooh how very good it felt when Killian won.

6. Snow White saves Regina

In Season 2, Episode 20, Regina finds herself in disguise and at the mercy of her own guards – until Snow swoops in and saves the day. God, how I miss bandit Snow.

5. Emma chases down her bail-jumper

What a way to start a series pilot! And how about Emma in that va-va-voom dress and sky-high heels running that jerk down, firmly establishing Ms. Emma Swan as a force to be reckoned with.

4. Regina thwarts Pan

In Season 3, Episode 9, Pan thinks he’s got it all sewn up tying Regina, Snow and Emma to the Tree of Regret. Too bad he didn’t understand Regina’s motivation like he thought he did.

3. Emma cuts down Regina’s apple tree

In Season 1, Episode 2, Emma shows off her sexy, sexy arms and her prowess with a chainsaw. Between this episode and the pilot, I was seriously questioning my sexuality. DAMN GIRL.

2. Charming fights with baby Emma in his arms

In the pilot episode, we watched Charming fight his way through a pack of guards, sword in one hand and baby Emma in the other, sending her off with a whispered, “Find us…” before he fell, gravely wounded. That hint of a smile when he saw the guards open the now-empty wardrobe….oh, I’m getting shivers.

1. Belle kicks Rumple out of town

In Season 4, Episode 12, we see – hands down – the most badass scene to date. Belle had been such a simpering wimp for almost the entire season. To see her standing there with that dagger, then taking him to the town line and as he begins his pleading she shuts him up with a firm and flinty, “It’s my turn to talk.” I was on my feet and cheering her at the top of my lungs, even as my heart ached for poor, broken, terrified Rumple.

Well, those are my picks. What about you? What are your favorite bad-ass moments!


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