The 10 Biggest Bitch Moments In Once Upon A Time


This list is by no means comprehensive. Come on, if we’re being honest here, half the list should be Regina, 3/8 should be Zelena, and 1/8 should be cumulatively everyone else. I tried to spread it out a little, and chose some moments that really screamed “bitch” – not just for what happened, but for the way the perpetrator carried it out (and for that reason, I’m ruling out anything Emma does as The Dark One and Belle as Lacey, etc. since they’re under an outside influence).

With that said, here’s my list of the ten biggest bitch moments on Once Upon A Time….

10. Red’s mom orders her to choose between her pack or her friend (S2)

Only the worst helicopter Mom orders you to kill your BFF

9. Snow’s Epic Rant (S4)

I almost didn’t include this because who could blame her, but it was an epic piece of hormonal napalm delivered at shrieking harpy bitchtastic levels.

8. Blue takes Tink’s wings (S3)


Power-drunk and a complete dictator. Blue is a bitch through and through.

7. Cora kills Daniel in front of Regina (S1)


Nobody teaches a lesson like Cora. I always say, evil is never so evil as when it puts on a smile and tells you that it’s there to help.

6. Cruella skins her dogs (S4)


Forget the fact that the woman killed her parents, she skinned her dogs.
That is some hardcore level of bitch.

5. Blue squashes Nova and Dreamy’s love (S1)


She pretended to be Dreamy’s boss in order to talk him into breaking Nova’s heart.
Fairy? More like sociopath. There’s a reason she’s the only one on here twice.

4. Emma makes fun of Hook’s disability (S3)


“What’s he going to do? I have magic. He has one hand.”

That moment bothered me then, and still bothers me now. No matter how prickly Emma could get, she would never demean someone like that. Or she shouldn’t have, anyway. It wasn’t just bitchy, it was cruel.

3. Regina sets Emma up to break Henry’s heart (S1)


“Did I know that my son comes to my office every Thursday
at precisely 5:00pm so I can take him for dinner before his
therapy session? Of course I did. I’m his mother. Your move.”

So deliciously bitchy. And delivered with scathing precision.

2. Milah belittles Rumple in front of a whole tavern – and his son (S2)


I hate her. I really just hate her.
I can barely see to type this for all the hate burning out of my eyes.

1. Zelena rapes Robin (S4)


If this situation had been reversed, the town would have grabbed their pitchforks and strung Robin up by his ‘nads (and rightfully so).  This is single-handedly the bitchiest act on the show. Talk about nuclear spite.

What about you?

What are your picks for bitch list?


3 thoughts on “The 10 Biggest Bitch Moments In Once Upon A Time

    • Snow telling about Daniel was a stupid kid being tricked. It wasn’t done out of intention to hurt. It SUCKED and was crappy of her, but not bitchy.
      Belle refusing to tell Rumple her son’s NAME (ok, that one she gave a reason for), or even let him see him, or even a PICTURE of him? THAT was beyond bitchy. I seriously want to bitch slap her right now. I know he’s been screwing up a LOT… But he’s mostly been keeping quiet lately, and he chose to walk away with the magic. He’s done everything to protect them while leaving her alone as she demands. Yes, he got the magic back, but did she bother to notice that he hasn’t been going out of his way to do bad stuff to anyone??? He’s only done… Naughty stuff if someone comes to him, and even then hesitantly and without any eagerness for it. She just condemns him for HAVING the power; doesn’t care how he uses it, never gives him a chance. She doesn’t even give him a moment to explain when he sees her after the birth, just spews nastiness at him when he only wants to see his son. Like he hasn’t suffered enough in that regard. Several of the danger moments she’s been in have even resulted from her spurning him stubbornly in moments when he only wants to help; if she cooperated, things would have worked out better. Can’t excuse all his behavior, obviously, but Belle’s increasing self-righteous nastiness lately has made me begin to hate a character I really want to love.
      …Rant over. 😅


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