Five Questions That Once Upon A Time Needs To Answer For Me

1. Where the hell did this guy go?

dragonIn Season 2, Episode 18, “Selfless, Brave and True,” we meet “The Dragon.” He’s killed by Tamara…or was he? He told her then that this wasn’t his true form and she wasn’t killing him, and he had magic in our world, which makes him clearly more than he appeared to be. He was mentioned again in Season 4 by August, who took all the notes The Dragon was keeping about The Author. Hmmmm.

Just a gut feeling, but we’ll be seeing more of him. And Lily is part dragon, searching for her father. Hmmmm. Maybe? Maybe something we can’t even fathom yet.

2. What ever happened to Regina’s magic bean plant?

beanplantIn Season 2, Episode 20, “The Evil Queen,” Regina has a magic bean plant in a terrarium. Greg and Tamara stole its beans, but the plant remained intact. Or did it wither and die in Regina’s office while they were traipsing around Neverland? They never really said for sure, and on this show, if it’s not spelled out, anything can happen.

3. Why did Emma’s adoptive family return her at the age of three?

threeIn Season One, a tearful Emma tells Henry that she grew up in the foster system because even though she was adopted shortly after her birth, her adoptive family returned her at the age of three. From there she bounced from foster home to foster home, and we know the rest.

What the hell? Who returns a baby after three years? This cannot be coincidence. And now that we know Emma has encountered people from the Enchanted Forest all through her life (Merlin, Lily, Ingrid and Neal, so far) I can only assume that’s a hell of a plot point with an accompanying story.

4. Why did Hook stop the seance?

seance2In Season 3, Episode 18, “Bleeding Through,” Regina holds a seance with Emma, Hook, Snow and David in an effort to contact Cora for information. Just as they’re making contact, Hook blatantly bumps the table then acts a little dodgy about it. Check the video (he bumps at about the 2:25 mark):

When have you ever known Killian Jones to be anything but suave and in complete control? He’s not a clumsy man, ever. And he does the ear rub thing –ย  he only rubs his ear when he’s feeling uncomfortable. So why? What was he afraid of them hearing from Cora?

5. Is Cruella really dead?
[Taking this one out because I re-watched the episode and she’d definitely doornail dead. Dammit.]

5. Where did Snow learn to use a bow?

She was a pampered princess until she had to go on the run, and while it’s true that she had to learn to fend for herself and so conceivably could have learned to use a bow somehow, she’s really, really good. She must have had instruction at some time. Are we setting up a flashback with a huntsman, perhaps? One who gave her a whistle and told her to use it to summon him – a whistle that has never been mentioned since?


Please? Please can we have a huntsman? Pretty please?


What about you, readers? What are your burning Once Upon A Time questions?


6 thoughts on “Five Questions That Once Upon A Time Needs To Answer For Me

      • Sorry – ‘UNTIL I was three.’

        OMG. When she was at the cinemas and stole the candy bar she told Merlin she was three. Was this when she had just been brought back? :O



  1. The truth is there are lots of awful people who will return a foster child. It happens all too frequently. I find it a bit of a stretch that an angelic looking blonde three-year-old (healthy white children, which frankly, is what most adopters want (for stupid, racist reasons), are in short supply) never found another good home, but, hey, with incompetent case workers and so many more kids in need than foster families, it’s entirely possible that such a thing could occur. Particularly since placing a baby usually means that the case worker’s like, “Phew, that’s never going to come up again.” Babies are least likely to be returned. Therefore, she wouldn’t have ended up on the radar, and thus would have been last in line for certain resources. But it’s just plausible enough that a family would return a foster child after unexpectedly conceiving. People can be bad, and there’s still a lot of stigma against adoption in a lot of communities. Also, Emma ran away at least once (and my theory is that probably happened before), which makes it less and less likely that anyone would take her. Plus, she’s a three-year-old without any record of her birth or medical history (unlike most surrenders), so that does make things more complicated.

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  2. I agree with you on 1… ‘The Dragon’ could totally be Lily’s father ๐Ÿ˜€

    With 2, I’m assuming that Regina got rid of the plant once the beans were gone, she hid it away or it just died off whilst she was in Neverland like you said ๐Ÿ™‚

    I may have some theories for 4… Maybe Hook didn’t want to see Cora after betraying her. Or maybe he thought it wouldn’t work and wanted to make the truth easier for Regina to swallow by letting blame it on him. Perhaps he was scared. Perhaps he thought Emma was scared… idk, that’s the best I can think of right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh, and for 5 – maybe the guards taught her. Anna’s guards taught her how to use a sword, perhaps Snow’s taught her how to use a bow ๐Ÿ™‚


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