5 Thing I Want Out Of Season 5 Of Once Upon A Time

s5Ah, Once.

God, do I miss you.

It’s been a long, long summer, but the drought is nearly over. I’m looking forward to Sunday night like a toddler whose Grandparents just won the lottery right before Christmas.

We all know (thanks to interviews and tidbits shared by the cast and producers) that we’re meeting Merida, that Mulan is coming back, and that sometime in Season 5 we’ll see Mulan get a love interest – and it won’t be some prime piece of mancandy.

We know we’ll be seeing classic Rumple – we’re not entirely sure in what context – and we know Zelena won’t be spending the season in a padded cell in the depths of the hospital. And we hope….have faith….that love will find a way for everyone. But in the meantime, here are a few things I’d like to see in Season 5.

1. Emma loses her marbles…BIG TIME


I know that sounds awful, but really – it’ll make for some great, interesting, heart-wrenching TV. She’s made of light. She’s literally the pure, distilled-form essence of light magic. For her to be infused with the polar opposite – I mean the Dark One’s dagger is about as dark as you can get – has got to be tearing her apart. I want her to be utterly and agonizingly tortured by it. I want others tortured by watching her battle those demons. I want angst to the nth degree. Don’t gloss it over, don’t pretty it up, and for God’s sake, don’t resolve it with a happy plot convenience by episode three.

2. Hook meets Emma for the first time – again.

Once Upon A Time has a fine tradition with our dear captain – have you noticed? He first appeared in Season Two, and in every single season since, Hook has met Emma for the first time all over again (and fallen for her all over again each time). Who can forget drunken Hook in the Season Three finale? Or adorable deckhand Hook getting an armful of Emma in the Season 4 finale? Can we make this a regularly recurring finale thing? ‘Cause it’s wonderful every single time it happens.

3. August and Lily

Okay, okay…so it’s a fanfic sort of a thing, but c’mon…think about it: his calm and cool with her fire and temper. Who but August could understand someone who’s had everything go wrong, consistently made bad choices, and been on the run from all that they brought down on themselves? I think they’re a perfect match, as long as he doesn’t piss her off. He is rather flammable.


4. More people of color!


I’m really tired of seeing black actors and actresses relegated to lackluster, forgettable roles on this show (I’m looking at you, Billy, Rapunzel and Ursula). Hopefully the return of Lancelot will break us out of the Aryan funk and we’ll get to see some meatier, well-written roles for a much more diverse cast.

5. Hook says “I Love You”


Yes, Killian Jones has said he loves Emma, but he said it to Zelena, so it doesn’t count. He’s told Emma he loves her with countless actions and loaded phrases (c’mon…he told her she’s his happily ever after) and with soulful looks from those big, blue eyes, but he hasn’t actually said those three little words to her face yet. I need to hear them. Emma needs to hear them. Women all over the world need to hear them. I need to hear them.

Did I mention that I need to hear them? ‘Cause I do. So come on, Once…don’t leave us hanging too long. Let the words slip out of his mouth.

That’s just my personal wish list. How about you? What are you hoping for out of Season 5?


One thought on “5 Thing I Want Out Of Season 5 Of Once Upon A Time

  1. Oh yes, The Words! yes, please!!! And as opposite as this might sound, I want Emma to try to seduce Hook and he resists her. As much as we all want them to finally be together, I don’t want their first time (that we are privy to) to be while she is the Dark One, but OOOHHHHH how I want her to try! If she is going to be selfish as The Dark One, I can totally see her trying to seduce him, but he will not cave!

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