I Promised Some News, And Here It Is!

Readers Val and Katie, here’s the update I promised you…

You asked for info on the follow-up book to my YA Novel that you read as part of the contest.

I’m very, very, oh-god-so-very pleased to announce that I landed a book deal! Look for book one out in print early spring of 2017!!!

So that’s why the posts here have gone lagging a bit. I’m going to finish getting caught up on my recaps this week, finish up my latest fanfic, and then I’m knee-deep in edits for awhile. I’ll still recap show episodes and do the occasional fun post, but probably not as many as I’d had planned – sorry!

If you’re interested in my alternate moniker (the one I use for my YA stuff), you can look me up here and follow my progress from the moment I got the call, all the way through the book publishing process.


You have no idea.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled fairy tale mayhem…


3 thoughts on “I Promised Some News, And Here It Is!

  1. Congratulations! A copy will be in our hands in spring 2017. We’ll probably fight over who gets to read it first. No, wait. Katie will be in college, so I’ll have the book all to myself!


  2. Congratulations! I can’t wait for it to come out! I’ll definitely be making a trip back home from college to take a copy from my mom. Or maybe I’ll just buy a copy for myself and we won’t have to share it!


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