Happy Birthday, Lana Parrilla! 6 Reasons Why Regina Really Rocks!

Once Upon A Time is a wonderful show, filled with amazing characters, but it would be nothing without the greatest sovereign of them all. Lana, you absolutely rock the role of Regina, one of my all-time favorite kick-ass female characters. You took what could have been a one-dimensional villain and made us all see her for who she really was. Somebody’s Mom. Somebody’s daughter. Somebody’s lover. Somebody’s friend. Hell, just somebody who lives and breathes and hurts and laughs and snarks with a flair that is nigh unmatched among your peers.

And in the spirit of celebrating another year with you on planet, I’d like to share some of my favorite Regina moments from among the multitudes I that come to mind.

1. Let’s start with the wardrobe.

Come on…the wardrobe!!

regcleav Regina4 regina5 regina6 regina8 regina10


2. She’s shaping up to be one hell of a mom


“Just give me a chance, Henry…”

She’s just a softy at heart…

And let’s not forget this moment:

3. When it all comes down…you can count on Regina to do the right thing.


4. She fights like a total badass


5. Regina knows how to bring the feels


“I don’t know how to love very well.”

regina9   goodbye

And last but not least….


reginasnark2            snark1

snark2              snark3

snark4                    snark5



So Happy Birthday, Lana – I can’t (and don’t

want to) imagine the show without you!!



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