16 1/2 Awesomely Adorable Moments From Once Upon A Time

Good God, do I miss my show. Hiatus is torture. Torture.

But at least I have so many warm, fuzzy memories to keep me warm until the new season starts and they begin tearing my heart out all over again.

So let’s think back on some of the many utterly, awesomely adorable moments we’ve had so far, shall we? First, we’ll start where it all began…

16. Snow gets caught by Prince Charming


Honestly, how cute could they be? Him so smug and smiling, her calling him “Prince Charming” in that saccharin-sweet tone. Gah! So freaking cute.

15. David teaches Henry how to sword fight


He moves like he’s part of the Riverdance cast, but that doesn’t keep Grandpa Charming from showing Henry some badass moves.

14. Regina gives Roland a stuffed monkey

list1Okay, so it’s not easy finding Regina acting adorable, but when she lets that soft side out, it just turns you to pudding inside.

13. Rumple doing the happy dance

rumplehappydanceSo excited to be finally testing his manhood and throwing off the shackles of his father’s name, and then after discussing the starting of a family with the wife he loves, Rumple breaks into a spontaneous dance of joy that’s just incredibly sweet.

12. Dreamy and Nova

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more adorable in the Universe than Nova, and together, she and Dreamy oozed high-fructose corn syrup out of every pore.

11. Oaken’s cameo

This was once instance where I actually let out a full on squee at the sight of a character. Oaken was awesome, and spot-on in his characterization.

10. Graham brings Emma donuts


Graham has such a heart-tugging grin. So he nearly lobotomized her with a dart later…he’s still a sweetie-pie. And right along with this one goes…

9. The moment Graham patches up Emma’s face

list6And we’ll just burn the rest of that scene from our memories, shall we?

8. David pretending not to notice Mary Margaret in “7:15”


Oh, come on now. Makes my little heart go pitty-pat.

7. Anna doing…anything

How cute is she? HOW CUTE IS SHE!!! I made no secret of my complete ambivalance over the first half of season 4, but I loved Anna. I f**king LOVED Anna.

6. Emma jumps Killian


If they were a couple who…you know…actually had sex, that could have gone an entirely different route. Instead it was utterly fluffy and made me hug my couch pillow as I was watching it.

5. Henry walks in on his grandparents

list3             list4

The looks on their faces! And Emma, totally traumatized! But they weren’t through, not by a longshot…

4. Mom and Dad wait up on date night


Of course, it was only natural that they would since Emma was dressed to go to prom…in 1955.

3. Killian tries to instigate a girl fight

into it

Don’t ya just want to ruffle his floofy hair? Don’t ya?

2. Poor, pathetic Mary Margaret and Leroy


They were only trying to help a good cause! How could anybody slam a door on those faces??

1. Deckhand Killian


Ovaries were popping like popcorn all over the globe when he bumbled his way into our hearts. And when Emma was teaching him to swordfight…please. I can’t even. I’m not usually one of those girls who can’t even but this time…forgetaboutit. I. Can’t. Even.

Honorable Mention: Little Bae wants his mama


I’m including this because little Bae is just painfully, heartwrenchingly adorable. But it’s sad and it harshes my fluffy feels.

Now I’m back to feeling bummed about hiatus again.


Let’s stay with the happy thoughts. Those are some of my favorite adorable antics. What about you? 


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