12 Great Bro Moments From Once Upon A Time

One of the many reasons I enjoy Once Upon A Time is the fact that there’s no shortage of man-candy on that show. Oh my yes, the men are awfully nice to look at, and of course they battle epic villians (okay, one out of three for the second half of season four) and do lots of badass stuff in a delightfully sweaty or snarky way.

In addition to all that, though, they’re truly stand-up guys for the most part (Rumple gets iffy, so we’ll leave him out of the mix) and they’ve got each other’s backs when it counts. And in celebration of that mancandy mojo, I’d like to present some of my favorite Bro moments from the show so far:

12. The Jones brothers sail for honor and glory (or so they think)


Let’s talk about some serious biological bro-love, here. Who didn’t tear up at the sight of Killian, with his arms wrapped around a dying Liam, choking back the sobs?


11. Robin saves the life of Will Scarlet


You gotta admit, it was an awfully cute meeting. And despite their ins and outs, they seem to have a genuine affection for each other. And speaking of our friend, the Knave…

10. Will impugnes the size of Killian’s….ship


Like any good bro, Will knows how to bust someone’s chops. Good on ya, mate.

9. Henry convinces Archie to believe in who he really is


While stuck in the mine shaft, Henry reminds Archie that he’s meant to use – and be – a conscience, and in return…

8. Archie grows some balls and takes on Regina on Henry’s behalf


I got a chill up my spine when he faced Regina down, insisting on treating Henry by his own rules, and reminding Madam Mayor that as the child’s psychologist, he would be making recommendations to the court regarding custody – so she’d better watch her ass. Go Archie!!

7. Robin helps Neal get to Emma


And don’t for a moment think that was just because he owed Rumple a debt. Robin wanted to help Neal get to his family.

6. David steps in and stands up for Killian


Emma decides she’s taking on a wicked witch all by herself and even pokes fun at Killian’s disability (seriously – WTF, Emma!) but David steps in with a firm “He’s going with you” that brooks no argument. He knew that other than himself, the only other man who would guard Emma with his life was standing right behind him.

5. Hook teaches Baelfire how to sail


An argument can be made that this was quasi-parental, but they did eventually end up as bros so I’m counting it. See….

4. Hook agrees to back off and let Neal have a chance with Emma

                      bromance4     hookneal

Not that he ever had a prayer against a devilishly handsome pirate…

3. Graham shows up and saves Charming’s ass

                            graham-charmingA Graham-charmingB

Oooooh, the moment when the dark knight pulled off that helmet and we saw that it was Graham! And then Regina went and made him her sex slave. Oh yeah, baby.

2. Charming and Killian bare their hearts and bond


One of my all-time favorite moments from the show and I nearly made this number one, but I gotta give a dwarf his due…

1. Stealthy Takes One For The Team


Rest in peace, Stealthy. There’s no bro like a bro who hatched beside you.

What are your favorite bro moments?


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