Happy Birthday @GinnyGoodwin! Here Are My Top Ten Snow/Mary Margaret Moments From #OnceUponATime


Ah, Ginnifer Goodwin…so perfectly cast. So quintessentially Snow White all the way down to the bone. So beautiful, so good…well, except for when she deliberately sacrificed another mother’s baby to get her own kid ahead. Or when she kept misplacing the baby she’s got now – didn’t he go missing for like, three episodes?

But other than that, she really does embody the character so well. And in the spirit of wishing my favorite Snow White EVER a happy birthday (and yeah, Kristen Stewart can just go suck some Lemon Pledge through an old sock), here are my top ten Snow White/Mary Margaret Moments from Once Upon A Time:

10. 7:15

Honestly, how adorable was she, spitting out her toothpaste and running for the door just so she could get to Granny’s and pretend to casually notice David?


9. Giving up on love and settling for Dr. Whale.

Like a truly empowered woman, she weighs his offer of a drink and counters with “You can buy me two.”


8. Getting a case of raging PMS

First it started with her attacking a bluebird, then it got so bad, the dwarves had to stage an intervention! “Look what you’re doing to Happy!”

 7. Evil Snow

Ooooh, what a wonderful turn of the tables that episode was. Evil Snow was so delicious, wasn’t she? And damn, but I’ll bet she was all over Evil Charming. I know I would have been.

6. Snarky Snow

Trapped by the prince she stole from, sarcastic Snow snarks: “Well, aren’t you a real Prince Charming?” What an utterly perfect line (flawlessly delivered) that explains a really cheesy moniker. I still love it when she calls him charming, four seasons in.


5. Badass Bandit Snow

I can’t just pick one bandit Snow moment since I love them all. Whether she’s outwitting trolls, firing off arrows, deposing a cold-hearted monarch or willingly chomping down on a poison apple to save the man she loves, Bandit Snow knows how to rock. And damn, doesn’t she look good doing it?


4. Poor pathetic, outcast Snow

How sad was her face in this episode, getting door after door slammed in it? Watching parents pull their kids to the other side of the street, all because she loved the wrong guy who’s really the right guy. She’s adorably downtrodden, but she lifted that quivering chin and kept on going.


3. Snow’s epic rant

New Mom and new mayor Snow is sleep-deprived and simultaneously dealing with chafed nipples and morons. Her rant was epic, and well-deserved.

2. The moment the curse broke, and Snow realized who Emma was.

Oh, the feels. The feels.


1. True Love’s Kiss

She looks amazingly beautiful – literally breathtakingly so – in this scene. Rumor has it that it was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra when they filmed this, and like a trooper in a diaphenous gown, she willed the goosebumps away and didn’t so much as shiver while she waited for her prince. So here’s to you, Ginny! No one else could embody this role the way that you do!



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